Company Policy Is Bad Business

Long, long time ago I was visiting a friend of mine in California, and we’ve been enjoying some delicious sugary liquor… and I’ve got some spilled on my MacBook Air!


It soon stopped working. Being in an expected state of mind after what happened, I went to an Apple Store to accept the fate. I told the guy behind the counter what happened and he grabbed my laptop to check it. He came back with bad news: it’s dead.

But! He said that he can mail the laptop out for a replacement and it’ll be back in a few days or so. Free of charge.


But I really wanted (and needed) my laptop now. So I told him that I am, being a traveller, keep moving and I can’t receive the laptop back. He thought a little and asked me to wait while he talks to the manager.

A few minutes later, the guy comes back with a brand new sealed box and a big smile! I first thought he grabbed it for somebody else…. but no, it was for me and still free of charge!..




Tech entrepreneur, open source developer. Amateur cyclist.

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Yurii Rashkovskii

Yurii Rashkovskii

Tech entrepreneur, open source developer. Amateur cyclist.

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